Platform Goals

“Finding The Balance.” This is the title of the platform I promote as Miss Teen Delaware International 2012. The overall message of this is overall health and well-being. I put a strong emphasis on the importance of prioritizing exercise in our everyday lives. To achieve this overall health/well-being, you cannot just eat really healthy, or exercise a lot, but you must find a healthy “balance” in all aspects of health. Most important of these include something most people do not even think of in regards to their health; the health triangle. The health triangle shows equal importance to each fundamental aspect in health: physical, mental/emotional, and social. Also just as important are diet, exercise, and something a majority of Americans lack, sleep.

I chose to promote this platform because I can get involved in various causes, not just cancer, or just exercise, or just obesity, etc. By being open to all aspects of health, I can be more proactive and involved in my community and state.

With my platform I have many goals in mind. Some of them include the following:

  • Competitive Gymnastics/ athletics Scholarship fund- to provide assistance to children and teens who cannot afford the expenses. To help children become successful in their lives’ through what they learn in athletics, especially gymnastics.
  • collect sports item donations to donate to local organization that are in NEED and to foster children/low-income families and individuals
  • Delaware Teen Wellness Conference- to involve many informative sessions in a fun way for a weekend inDelaware.
  • Raise money for various organizations such as : The American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Association, The Red Cross, SPCA, etc.
  • Fashion Show Fundraisers
  • Gymnastics/Cheer/Dance Exhibitions throughoutDelawaregyms involving the various gyms, with a fun environment to raise money for the athletics’ fun.
  • Host summer morning health information sessions at the Grandstands throughout the beaches.
  • To teach “Gymnastics’ Fundamentals” in elementary schools and local YMCA’s, or other community locations.
  • 5k run/walk events to fundraise for the athletics’ fund, various organizations, and a doggy n me walk to raise money for the SPCA
  • To host a session at theDelawareState Fair promoting my platform
  • Mini Health Pageant
  • collect new /used athletic items to donate around to low-income, needy, or individuals
  • Work with Senator Carper to gainDelaware’s government support for the athletics’ fund.
  • Delaware Gymnastics Days- to gain interest in the public for gymnastics, to educate all ages, increase memberships in gyms, to fundraise for the fund, and to unite the Gymnastic’s Community in this cause.
  • work with local organizations to speak about my platform

I have many other goals for throughout my year as Miss Teen Delaware International and for many years to come, but these are just a few. I am striving to makeDelawarea healthier state in every way I can, and I am actively involving myself in the community to do so, through my initiative in the goals I have described above.


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