Gymnastics for Delawareans

One of my goals as Miss Teen Delaware International 2012 is to help promote gymnastics and individuals of all ages, by helping provide them the opportunity to participate in this sport. I plan to help by working with local politicians, Delaware gyms ,businesses, and individuals to assist Delaware youth,teens, and young adults either with financial assistance, athletic clothing, sports items, or in other ways possible. To fund this goal I will be hosting various fundraising events, seeking sponsorship, and working with government officials to provide government grants for this project. I plan to help individuals from low-income families, fostercare, or those who just simply cannot afford to pay the costs and would otherwise not participate.

Gymnastics is such a beneficial sport to overall health and well-being that I find it very important to take something so close to my heart and help bring it to others. Gymnastics isn’t just a sport, it isn’t just a hobby, it is a healthy choice!Gymnastics helps build positive mind, mental/emotional stability, healthy weight, muscle mass, bone density,& cardiovascular health. Gymnastics teams are like family, and the individuals find friends to last a lifetime!

for more information on gymnastics or to find a gym in your area…..go to…


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