Delaware American Heart Association woks to Pass Senate Bill 214

On Wednesday, May 16th, in our state’s capital at the Legislative Hall, I was honored enough to join Jonathon Kirch and advocates for the Delaware American Heart association ! We helped advocate on behalf of Senate Bill 214, bike trails, and CPR educationtoe high school students. Senate Bill 214would help mandate that Elementary studentharder use a minimum of 150 minutes a week in school! Whether it be in between subjectsad before lunch, 6 times a day for a few minutes, we just want to encourage our youth to just  get up and get active! We advocated on behalf of bike trails because many Delaware roads are dangeroand for pedestriaNs and bikers! With more bike trails, not only would it encourage biking, exercise, an fun, but alsohelp keep down pollution and save money! We advocated on behalf of CPR Education to high schoolers also because knowing what to do for an emergency saves lives! It happens too often that someone is placed into a critical situation and their friends around them don’t know how to help ! This can help save lives and won’t take much effort to learn ; it takes only about 30 minutes! 

I will be returning in about three weeks to Legislatie Hall to help passthese amazing changes! 

I am honored toga be had this amazing opportunity to help make a difference in Delaware, meet with represetatives and senators, and I had so much fun doing so!



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