Just something you should all remind yourself… Because Everyone is perfect

It’s just something you should remember.. Everything comes with a price.. Every good thing has bad an bad good.. Sometimes you have to go through obstacles plenty of times before you succeed and sometimes you’ll be born with things others weren’t as blessed to have. But life is something everyonemerited their own definition for. It’s like a novel that has an unspoken ending and ever winding changes in the path. It’s all about taking what you were blessed to have accepting yourself for you and not trying to e anything you aren’t. You can be the only you. The movies tar has her own problems and obstacles just like you and I. But do they resort to drugs, alcohol, sex, money and negative coping skills or do they stay strong and learn the message in the meaningful EveNts? How do you answer this question? Take today to thank yourself and love yourself for what you cannot change. Find reasoning to why you want to change what you can. And Never lose sight of who uou really are. Because everyone has destiny an everyone has a journey and everyone has a purpose . What is yours?


Xoxo MK


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