Gymnastics. I remember the love I felt for this unique sport when I first began. That was many years ago, and it has yet to be faded. Through gymnastics I have learned so many valuable lessons and experienced so much! I’ve learned dedication because if you are a gymnast you must be dedicated to the sport.  I am the team member that always went above and beyond expectations, I was always the one that constantly worked out at home, loved conditioning, and learned that fastest. I’ve learned determination because a gymnast must be determined to keep on going when the going gets tough. I’ve made many sacrifices such as missing prom, and social events, as practices are long and often. I’ve learned time management because I have often had little time to complete school assignments, work, and in practices complete workouts in due time with a valued work ethic. I have attained an astonishing athleticism that only a gymnast can achieve. But most of all, gymnastics is the coping skill I use to cope with the many obstacles and challenges that I’ve faced throughout my life. Gymnastics is the one thing I could always fall back on, rely, and depend on for support. Gymnastics is and always is the light at the end of a dark tunnel; it is my stress reliever. With my experience and love for gymnastics, I am now also an experienced gymnastics coach of all ages. Gymnastics has impacted my life so greatly, that I honestly can never picture my life again without seeing gymnastics as a part of it. I don’t know who I would be today, if it weren’t for gymnastics.


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